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Welcome to our L.J. Art Expressions Gallery, where you will find that eclectic scenes of nature and the mundane find poetic appreciation. We are Lisa and Jon McCarty; a couple who shares a passion for art in all its forms but particularly in photography, poetry, and other forms of writing. This gallery site is dedicated to those pieces that we are particularly fond or proud of.

Please note that due to time constraints not all of our prepared or planned works are featured here yet. Please bookmark our site and visit often to see new additions to the gallery!

Sam Walter Foss once wrote:

 "The woods were made for the hunters of dreams,
  The brooks for the fishers of song;
  To the hunters who hunt for the gunless game
  The streams and the woods belong."

Such a sentiment is representative of how we view the world around us and why we are compelled to give photographic voice to the every day ordinary things that we encounter which seem to us to posses qualities of timelessness, grace, divinity, and magic.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our photographic art, as we certainly enjoy the process of their creation (from conception to realization to examination - and providing a narrative voice for each finalized piece). Much of our photographic artwork is a collaborative pursual involving those things that we find interest or joy in. Though some of it is a reflection of our individual tastes and unique perspectives. Photography is an art form that we find quite easy to take part in together, whereas in our writing we tend to be much more individualized only offering support or guidance when prompted. Because of the ease in which we are able to come together in these small projects we highly value the role of photography in our lives and therefore from time to time even involve our children in the experience.

We are very eclectic in our vision of what is authentic, beautiful, and meaningful. Our style will vary according to many contributing factors of a personal nature and so diverse imagery is to be expected. Our passion for literature has greatly influenced our perception of art. This is evident through not only our poetic pieces but our view that all art that can be felt on an emotional level through sight is in fact visual poetry. From time to time we may seek to capture photographic images that we feel will in some way compliment our written works and allow us to reach a broader audience through their combination.

Our photographic art can be viewed by clicking on the Galleries tab above. While completely functional this web site is still being updated. Please be patient and check back often to enjoy newly displayed artwork. And, if you appreciate our art, please be sure to share us with others you know. Thank you and Many Blessings be yours.